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Rodney had been over the moon with happiness since that morning. It had been the best morning ever. He couldn't ever remember having a morning that good, even though he'd never got around to eating his scrumptious pancakes with lemon syrup, nor had he got started on his jam, but there was plenty of time yet and besides he wasn't sure how to go about making the jam. Maybe he'd ask Cameron, he was so good at cooking, and such a nice considerate man too. Why, Rodney could remember him offering him lemons and baking him lemon cake and all sorts of nice citrus-themed things before. That was just plain dandy.

He had left Jill in the Compound basement picking out a wedding dress. The clothes box seemed to be cooperating this time, which was swell and only buoyed Rodney's good mood. But he was traditional in that he thought he oughtn't see the bride in her dress before the wedding. He had to plan, too - he wondered if he could get John to officiate as well as be best man? Of course he had to get him to say yes to being best man first.

Rodney wondered if he could have two best men. He wanted Carson there too. He also wanted Ronon and Cadman and Elizabeth and Jennifer and Cameron and Daniel and Vala and Carolyn and Teal'c and everyone else in New Atlantis to be his best people, because they really were the best, nicest, swellest people he'd ever met and he wanted to tell them so.

So that was why he was back in New Atlantis, humming a jaunty little tune, a sprig of hay protruding from the corner of his mouth. He'd got it from the barn. He'd also got a change of clothes before leaving Jill to her dress hunt - a white wifebeater, red-and-white checked shirt and a pair of denim shorts cut off at the knee along with a real nice tough pair of boots laced up to the ankle. His outfit was mighty comfortable, more than the usual jeans or pants and t-shirts he for some reason wore, and he was real happy as he strolled along between the huts, looking for his friends.
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