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Rodney's first morning back in Atlantis hadn't been the greatest up until now. Apparently, no time at all had elapsed since he'd 'left', which meant a year and a half spent on the island for him hadn't, in fact, been a year and a half for anyone else. Except Jill.

Despite the run-in with Katie Brown, he was still glad she was here. She was living proof he hadn't turned into a raving lunatic, turning up in Atlantis seemingly out of thin air with the same memories of the island as him. She'd corroborate his story. Oh, and it was a good thing he hadn't left her behind. As inconsiderate as he could be sometimes, he couldn't do that.

Still. A year and a half away from the place and Rodney found himself appreciating it all the more. The running water, the technology, the abundance of things to do and exercise his mighty brain thinking about - all things he'd taken for granted before. Not so now. He'd gained a new appreciation for his life in Atlantis, and he fully intended to take advantage of it.

Which was why he was currently sitting at a table in the cafeteria with three trays of food in front of him. A fourth, empty tray sat nearby, but he was still going strong, starting with the steak.

He hadn't actually been to talk to Carter yet or gotten himself checked out with Keller, and he'd left Jill to explore his lab while he got something to eat. It was probably remiss of him, but he had priorities to think about. He hadn't had proper blue Jello in ages and one could never be sure just what kind of animal steak on the island came from - here, at least he knew it came from hermetically sealed plastic packs.

It was good to be home.

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