Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD (scientificsnark) wrote,
Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD

The Island strikes again.

Rodney McKay woke up that morning feeling just dandy. In fact, he felt gosh darn swell. There were birds tweeting outside his window, sun shining in through the curtains; why, it looked to be a real peachy kind of day, the kind of day where you were just happy to be alive.

Rodney sat up and stretched, frowning some at his hut. It was just too drab in here, with the only decorations being the mess on his desk and the diplomas and awards and what-not hung on the wall above it. He'd have to get some new curtains. Maybe ones with a nice red-and-white check pattern. And a chair for the porch. A rocking chair he could sit in of evenings and watch the world go by while he rocked away with some moonshine.

His gaze travelled to the lady in bed with him. Jill, of course, the lovely wonderful mighty fine...why, he was gonna have to look up some new words to properly describe the full extent of how great Jill was. He watched her sleep a while, all peaceful like, then he got up and get dressed, only his clothes seemed all wrong. Boring ole pants and t-shirts. Where were the tartan shirts with sleeves rolled up, the singlets, the cut-off jeans? He'd have to go up to the Compound to find some. Yeah. He'd go do that after Jill woked up.

Puttering around the hut, he cleaned up some afore he got bored and decided to speed things up. Jill looked so gosh darn beautiful he couldn't resist but touch her, stroking her hair, whispering to her - "Darlin'. Daaaarlin'." He crooned softly, but because he didn't know no songs, he just sang "Darlin'" over and over for a while. Hopefully it would work.
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